:::Wednesday's Blog Special::: 02/04 - 02/10

::: Our first ever weekly Wednesday Blog Special, just for all those blog stalkers out there! Specials will vary every week. Some will run for 1 week and others 1 day. Watch closely! :::

This week, enjoy custom designed Valentine's Day cards! Perfect for kids, families, engaged couples or newly weds! There's no end to the cuteness! 

50 - Art-textured flat 2-Sided 2x3.5 Card $36 || 100 $54

50 - Art-textured folded 4-Sided 2x8 Card $90 || 100 $105


Offer good from 02/04/09 thur 02/10/09

For full details and more info, email us at info@ledfordphotography.com

** Does not included tax or shipping. Order may be picked up at the studio instead of shipping. Additional shipping charges may apply if ordered after 2/08/09 - depending on lab demands. We recommend ordering as soon as possible.



::: L.O.V.E. ::: it's just around the corner :::

Are you ready for Valentine's Day?

Sure, you have a TON of amazing photographs from your wedding and portrait session but have you actually done anything amazing WITH them? Don't let your amazing moments be held hostage on some disk or online somewhere - DO SOMETHING WITH THEM! All while you add art to your walls and major bonus points for the BEST Valentine's Day gift EVER!

A little over 2 years ago we ran our last canvas gallery wrap special, so that should for sure tell you something about when you might see this again...

Take advantage of the savings! It's like money in the bank, baby!

Think outside the box and get creative with your art - choose a 3 piece or 5 piece series collection from candid moments or go large with a detail photograph for major impact and artistic flare. ( And by "huge", I don't mean a 16x20!)

Not sure? It's okay, I'm happy to help! Email me with your ideas and let's get started on turning your memories into art!

Every image ordered will under go fine detail tweaks and artistry lab effects custom for your individual piece of art!

Don't just sit there... HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!


The Procrastinators Holiday Special !!!

If you're a procrastinator like me, you haven't done a thing yet for your Holiday pictures or cards.  (It's okay... we have plenty of company.)  Just when you thought it was too late to do something amazing this year, you wonder upon this Procrastinators Special! It's madness I know; but it's just my little way of saying that I understand people like you.  

No need to hide your eyes, we have an exclusive session offer for you!

It's a perfect time to send them something they'll never forget!

Session times available from 10am - 7pm.  (appointments between 6pm - 7pm must be indoor sessions or studio sessions.)

Due to the limited amount of sessions available deposits are required to hold a time. To schedule your appointment, please email us at info@ledfordphotography.com or call us at 423.315.0035

We'll see you soon!


Meet the Carver Family

Is it just me or do you have the urge to just pick this kid up and squeeze him? The past week I hung out for a bit with Mason and his mom and dad for some fun time and a trip to the park. I had so much fun - I mean he's just SO cute!!! I tell ya, instead of paying for a gym membership, I think I'll just start offering little rascal sessions all year round! :0)

Just so CUTE! Just want to pinch his lil' cheeks!

... i mean, how adorable is this lil family!

I had SO much fun! Thanks so much gang, I look forward to the next go around!


Holiday In St. Elmo

Hi all.  I'm so completely broken hearted to have to tell you that I will not be able to make the Holiday in St. Elmo Festival this time. I've had an unexpected family emergency and won't be able to attend.

As the blog stalkers know - I was SOOOO pumped for the art show!!  I'm sick and completely broken-hearted to have to miss it!!!  I guess I'll put a count down on the calendar for the Holiday Festival of 2009!  :0)

Just because I'm not able to attend - I highly recommend the festival - it's going to be a BLAST! The amazing people who put the show together have left no detail untouched!  (and hugs to the planners of the festival for understanding and not hating me for having to miss it.)

Check out the happenings at www.holidayinstelmo.com 


Tessa + Michael || Newly Weds

I've been blogging like crazy here lately - I was thinking I was doing good! Turns out I was saving all my posts to drafts instead of actually posting them!  Despite that, I think I should still get an "A" for effort!  

This past Saturday I met Tessa and Michael in Tybee Island, GA for some fun newly wed photo time. Our plan was to shoot all over the island, on the beach and then get in the ocean. The weather channel's predicted "Sunny 60 degrees" turned out to be 46 degrees with cold winds. So instead of doing what I wanted to do - drag them all over the island shooting to my hearts content - we ended up doing a quick shoot out beside the lighthouse on Saturday evening. It was freezing!!! I was freezing and I had on everything in my closet all at once - so imagine being in a sleeveless dress that was designed for summer wedding wear! I have to admit - they both did WAY better than I would have!! Despite the arctic weather, we managed to get some sheer awesomeness, all the same!

The one below is my FAVORITE from the day! Ya'll better do something amazing and huge with this one or I'm disowning you!  :0)  :::hugs:::

I'm thinking on a warm day we'll be doing some more here soon - after all, I didn't get to shoot to my heart's content!  :0)


Jessica + Aaron || Engaged!

Meet Jessica and Aaron. I met up with them on campus at Lee University for some engagements - Aren't they cute!! Their wedding isn't until 2010, but there's no time like the present for a sweet make-out photo session. :0)

The campus was fun and all but nothing beats a Saturday at home with a movie and popcorn...

I had a blast guys, thanks so much! There's tons more to come!!! I know it's a ways away but I can't wait for the wedding!


Stephanie + Brad || Wedding Day

I really love blog teasers! It's fun for me.  :0)   I thought I'd share some of the beginning moments of Stephanie and Brad's day - which are some of my very favorite parts of a wedding day! 

I love when the bride and groom see each other early in the day - it's just so much... MORE!

This is just one of those moments that a photo is just so much more than a thousand words...

Ah! I just love these two! They're just such a great couple! It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with them and all the guys and gals in the wedding party and family. I had a blast! Thanks to all!

And one last teaser...

Meet the Seymour Family

The past week I got the honor of hanging out with the Seymour family for an at-home day of fun and play. My favorite part about this time of year with the holidays and everything is getting to hang out with families just sorta doing what they do. I had so much fun at home with Isaac and his mom and dad! 

Check out some of the fun we had...


Angela + Mike || Married!

Angela and Mike were married this past weekend here in Chattanooga. What a beautiful day it was too with warm weather, blue skies, happy people and a great couple who are just nuts about each other! You just can't beat that!  Here are a few moments from the day for you to drool over...

hehe! Sweetness!